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Syrian Refugee Information Needs


Aktashif recently launched a series of surveys to gain insight into the aspirations, information needs and interests within our first target community: Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. These surveys help us ensure that our content responds to the information priorities of our target audience. Our first survey was launched in conjunction with a Jordan-based NGO supporting adult Syrian refugees in the country.

Summary: Adult Syrian refugees in Jordan are employed in a range of sectors where they carry out skilled, unskilled and clerical work; 15% of those surveyed were unemployed or in higher education. Individuals aspire to a range of careers in teaching, business and finance and, in particular, wish to run small businesses. They seek information on business and financial management to improve their daily lives and, crucially, would like to access information about health management and childcare. These results point to two primary priorities: staying healthy and generating income for a better future. Of interest to this community is information about conflict resolution, leadership and general / popular sciences: three current information gaps.

1 - Refugee Aspirations

2 - Information Needs

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3 - Information of Interest

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